Specialist in General Aviation, Pre-Purchase Surveys and Airworthiness Certification

Plane Integrity can offer technical support for many general aviation products. Please supply full product details including part numbers and serial numbers, and as much information as possible about any defects or problems when contacting us.

Plane Integrity can also undertake a wide range of general aviation inspection audits.  

We offer a professional service that not only seeks to understand our clients' issues, but can also give a fair and unbiased report of all findings.


The following detailed services can be provided, but our capabilities can be tailored to suit customer's requirements:

• Audit of aircraft & aircraft piston engine condition and legal status

• Audit of duplicate inspection procedures and techniques

• Audit of aircraft & aircraft piston engine maintenance procedures

• Audit of aircraft & aircraft piston engine repair procedures and techniques

• Audit of aircraft & aircraft piston engine defect investigation procedures after incidents

• Audit of general aviation maintenance facilities & special service tooling

• Audit of aircraft piston engine test runs & fault diagnosis 

• Audit for aircraft (maintenance) ground manoeuvering procedures, including radio telephony calls

• Audit of A Check / pre-flight inspection procedures

• Audit of aircraft operation

• Audit of aircraft parking (tie-down), storage and preservation procedures

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation.