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Aircraft Piston Engines

While the gas turbine / jet engine has gained popularity, it has not replaced the piston engine for light aircraft propulsion, due to the advantages of piston engine production costs and fuel efficiency.

A powered aircraft needs an engine to provide the thrust for continued flight.  If thrust is lost or the engine fails, the aircraft flight will not be continued.

It can be very important to establish whether the aircraft engine contributed to an incident or accident.

Plane Integrity can complete detailed inspections of all engine components, control hardware and ancillary systems, which in turn can give recordable information as to the status of engine operation / condition before an incident.

If the engine damage is of such a nature as to preclude obtaining sufficient information on site, the Plane Integrity investigator may require the engine or engine components to be transferred to a suitable location with adequate facilities for disassembly and inspection. 

All types of aircraft piston engine can be inspected, including Avgas, Mogas and Diesel.

We offer a professional service that not only seeks to understand our clients' issues, but can also give a fair and unbiased report of all findings.   


The following detailed services can be provided, but our capabilities can be tailored to suit customers' requirements:

• Quick response and global coverage

• Expert Witness Reports  (Member of the Expert Witness Institute)

• Independent, qualified & experienced aviation accident investigation

• Investigation into aircraft maintanance & operational related technical issues

• Aircraft piston engine evaluation, defect investigation & failure reports

• Investigation into the cause or causes of aviation hull damage or loss

• Aircraft & aircraft piston engine damage classification

• Assessment & evaluation of existing aerospace technical reports & investigations

• Independent observation of aircraft accident or incident investigations

• EASA Part 66 & FAA-A&P licensed inspection of aircraft and aircraft piston engines

• Indication of approved repair procedures for aircraft & aircraft piston engines

• Inspection and condition reports of stored / preserved aircraft & aircraft piston engines

• Technical support

• Certified general aviation appraisals

• Light aircraft pre-purchase assistance & surveys 

• Aircraft maintenance facility / quality inspections

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