Aircraft Pre-Purchase Surveys

If you're thinking about purchasing a general aviation aircraft, don't get caught out by aircraft with hidden issues that will lead to subsequent aircraft expenses.  

Our surveys are thorough and look into the physical aircraft structure, power plant, and aircraft maintanance records.   To date, I have not completed a survey where I have not been able to recouperate the survey costs from reducing the sale price of the aircraft due to exposing hidden aircraft issues.

 Aircraft Size / Type      Basic Survey In-depth survey
 2 Seat fixed u/c     £350 POA
 4 Seat fixed u/c  £400 POA
 6 Seat fixed u/c  £600 POA
 8/10 Seat fixed u/c  £1000 POA

 2 Seat Retractable          £450               POA                    
 4 Seat Retractable  £500 POA
 6 Seat Retractable  £800 POA
 8/10 Seat Retractable  £1400 POA


 4 Seat twin engine       £800 POA
 6 Seat twin engine  £1000 POA
 8 Seat twin engine  £1700 POA
 10 Seat twin engine  £2000            POA                  

  Additional costs may apply to the above as follows: 

 Engine type/addition        Additional Cost
 Exhaust driven turbo £100 (per unit)
 Engine driven supercharger  £400 (per unit)
 Reduction gearbox £200 (per unit)
 Gas turbine  (PT6-A) £1000 (per unit)

 Airframe type/addition Additional Cost        
 Cabin pressurisation £400
 Major structural repair investigation POA
 Major modification investigation POA
 Wood constructed aircraft POA

 Further options, as required Additional Cost  
 Flight test POA
 In depth avionics survey POA